Yasmin Wijnaldum: Our current Vogue cover star in the model portrait and interview

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Yasmin Wijnaldum: Our current Vogue cover star in the model portrait and interview
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Yasmin Wijnaldum in an interview with Vogue about the cover shoot and its future plans

Yasmin Wijnaldum has run for about all major fashion houses in the past seven years and has completed countless photo shoots.Nevertheless, she is excited when she holds the new Vogue Collector's Issue for July/August 2021: "This feeling will never become boring," explains our cover model, which in the cover story, photographed by Chris Colls, the new Haute Coutureputs.

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By Stephanie Neureuter

Who is Yasmin Wijnaldum?

Wijnaldum was born in 1998 as the daughter of a Surinames father and a Dutch mother in Amsterdam.She was couted several times, but never had the intention of becoming a model.When she is finally addressed for the "Elite Model Look" account, her mother advises her to "just try it"-and Wijnaldum is home to a global model contract.Immediately after the high school graduation at the age of 16, she begins to model full-time and moves to New York a little later.She loves her job-and has never forgotten her real professional dream, as she tells us in the interview: the 22-year-old is currently concentrating on her acting career.

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What Yasmin Wijnaldum otherwise dreams of, which for her is the highlight moments of her previous career and what she drives and wears away from the catwalk in her free time, she has told us in conversation.

Yasmin Wijnaldum in the Vogue interview: "To be settled down is never a good thing!"

VOGUE: Wie kamen Sie zum Modeln?

Yasmin Wijnaldum: I started modeling when I was still very young.I took part in a model competition in 2014 when I was about 15 years old and was signed.Then I completed the high school and started working as a full -time model at the age of 16.I went to Paris to run on some couture shows, shortly afterwards I ran the Prada show as an exclusive model and moved to New York.Everything went very quickly and it was pretty hard for me to suddenly have a full -time job at such a young age and to move to another country alone.When all these changes in my life passed so quickly, I started to feel very coupled from myself.This led to life sometimes felt like a dream.

Was war bisher der liebste Moment Ihrer Karriere?

Yasmin Wijnaldum: Unser aktueller VOGUE-Coverstar im Modelportrait und Interview

Running the Fendi Couture Show over the Trevi fountain in 2016 was definitely an unforgettable experience.

Beschreiben Sie die Stimmung bei ihrem jüngsten Shooting für Ihr VOGUE Germany.

The shoot for this cover was incredible and I didn't expect anything else.I was lucky enough to work with such a nice, creative and inspiring team.I had worked with Chris Colls many times before we shot this cover, which makes everything much more smooth and fun.

Wie fühlt es sich an, sich selbst auf einem Magazincover zu sehen?

I am very excited that the cover comes out and that I can hold it in my hands myself.This feeling never gets boring.

Was sind – neben dem Modeln – Ihre sonstigen Pläne und Träume für die Zukunft?

When I was younger, I never really wanted to be a model.I was always very interested in film and played a lot of theater as a child.

But when I started modeling and my career went so well, I somehow started to make myself comfortable and do it with it.It is never a good thing to be a good thing, so I started working in acting again.I am currently working on my first film.It was fantastic to return to what I always liked to do, and that's why my main focus is now on acting.

Wen würden Sie als ihr Vorbild beschreiben?

My mother was always my role model.It is a very strong and caring person;I learned so much from her and would never be the strong person I am today.

Ihr liebstes Outfit, das Sie je bei einem Shoot trugen und gern mit nach Haus genommen hätten?

My personal style usually differs a lot from what I wear at Shoots.As a model, you sometimes feel a little exposed, so when I don't work, I usually wear a lot oversized and comfortable clothing.But that does not mean that I don't like to make myself chic for the work.Throwing yourself into an outfit, whether for a photo shoot or a film, can be a lot of fun and really helps me to put myself into the character.Just like this great Valentino dress that I wore for the Vogue cover shoot.If I put on a dress, I can move differently immediately.I would have liked to take that home in any case.

Wie sieht Ihr liebstes Alltagsoutfit aus – in drei Worten?

Oversized, cozy and Air Jordan 1s.

Und wie sieht ihr perfektes Wochenende aus – in drei Worten?

Relaxed, unexpected and creative.

Bester (Karriere-)Rat, den Sie je bekommen haben?

Be as authentic as possible.

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