Austro candidate Milica on DSDS: 'Let me say nothing'

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Austro candidate Milica on DSDS: 'Let me say nothing'
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After the casting is before the casting: On Saturday, "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" had a solid start to the 19th season, already on Tuesday, January 25th. at 8:15 p.m. we continue with three Austrian candidates!

DSDS: There are three Austro candidates

"I don't let anything be said to me, especially not by a man," Milica (19) from Austria goes into the jury casting with a clear announcement. Will she be able to cope with any criticism from Toby Gad and Florian Silbereisen? With her penchant for changing hair colors the hairdresser but first ensure a colorful appearance.

Georg from Vienna: "I'm self-confident"

"I'm a very extroverted person," describes Georg (18) from Vienna quite aptly. His self-confident appearance with three songs from different genres made the jury sit up and take notice. Does his singing, what his unusual style with self-designed Mozart shoes and Steam punk top hat promises?

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George from Vienna

Muscle pack Nikola (28) from St. Erhard also has strong arguments for getting off to a flying start with DSDS: the stylish Swiss has even been a European champion in bodybuilding and is now swapping dumbbells for a microphone. Before the performance, however, there is an extensive workout with the jury: who can do the most push-ups in the glass cube?

Disco Ball Appearance

Standing out at any price - that's what Lady Gaga hardcore fan Anthony (27) from Ettlingen thinks too, who has even been able to meet the star in person. With his glittering disco ball outfit, he earned praise from the jury. Now it just has to work with the singing!

Fashion girl Valerie from Vienna

The musical talents of Tamara (23) from Hupperath, who claims to play 30 instruments and could fill an entire orchestra, are also exceptional. Will she and fashion girl Valerie (24) from Vienna, the Swiss astrophotographer Damian (22) or street musician Mona-Lisa (22) from Augsburg conquer her stage fright and be able to move into the recall?

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Valerie from Vienna

Overview of all candidates

Milica Rasinac (19) from Langenlebarn (Austria)Song jury casting: "Material Girl" by MadonnaThe lively, colorful hairdresser loves country life and describes herself as a "living sloth". Milica is a total girl - she loves pink and wouldn't leave the house without makeup on. Her casting song "Material Girl" by Madonna fits very well – now her performance just has to please the jury!

Nikola Pesic (28) from St. Erhard (Switzerland)Song jury casting: "Bruises" by Lewis CapaldiNikola works as an insurance consultant, but the center of his life is sport. He trains a lot in the gym, takes part in bodybuilding competitions and can already look back on a number of successes. Originally Nikola had wanted to be a professional soccer player, but when he had to stop due to an injury, he found his way to "Men's Physique" - and to music.

Mona-Lisa Schwarzmaier (22) from AugsburgSong jury casting: "Anyone" by Demi LovatoMona-Lisa is a nursery teacher and loves her work. She used to dance ballet, now she does step dance – and she loves to sing! The DSDS jury is very excited about their appearance – will they get the recall?

Georg Alexander Dotsenko (18) from Vienna (Austria)Songs jury casting:"Blue Suede Shoes" by Elvis Presley"Ohne Dich" by Rammstein"O Isis Und Osiris" by Wolfgang Amadeus MozartThe native and proud Russian lives in Vienna and has many interests: He designs clothes, works as a freelancer and is interested in cosplay. Will he be able to convince the jury with his eye-catching outfit, his extravagant appearance and his singing?

Valerie Grandits (24) from Vienna (Austria)Songs jury casting: "Run" by Leona LewisValerie is a woman of the world, loves New York and has lived there before. The Viennese loves travel, fashion and eye-catching outfits. Now she has to give everything on the DSDS stage!

Tamara Köcher (23) from HupperathSong Jury casting: "Rainbow Colors" by Kerstin OttThe cheerful Tamara is very social and, inspired by a friend, even speaks sign language. At the Federal Volunteer Service in Paraguay, the active girl scout was able to teach music for a year and a half and is now all the more pleased to be able to present her singing talent in front of the DSDS jury – will it be enough for the recall?

Damian Seiler (22) from Würenlingen (Switzerland)Song jury casting: "This City" by Sam FischerThe quiet Swiss is a family man through and through. His mother is Portuguese and he lives with her and a younger sister. "Astrophotography" is Damian's passion and he is always on the go with his camera - his favorite photograph is the Milky Way. Does DSDS take him into new spheres?

Daria Borzellino (20) and Giorgia Borzellino (23) from MannheimSongs Jurycasting:Daria: "Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better)" by Felix Jaehn feat. Jasmine ThompsonGiorgia: "Castles" by Freya Ridings //Daria & Giorgi in a duet: "Creep" by Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox feat. Jasmine ThompsonItalian-born Daria and Giorgia help out in Papa's pizzeria on a daily basis. Giorgia likes to swim against the tide, has shaved her head before and often wears a wig. Years old tattoos and even tattoos herself as a hobby. Her dream: to create her body as a fully tattooed work of art! Her lucky charm is also more than unusual: her own umbilical cord, which her mother has kept over the years. Daria is a little more reserved and trusts their vocal strengths - who will prevail in front of the jury, or can the sisters even achieve the recalls together?

Anthony Kajzer (27) from EttlingenSong Jury Casting: "Bad Romance" by Lady GagaIf anyone is a Lady Gaga fan, it's Anthony! He follows the top star around the world and stands in the cold outside entrances for hours to meet her at some point. He has even been rewarded with kisses from Gaga and small conversations. Anthony prefers to sing in the shower and in the car – but now he has to prove himself on the DSDS stage to move into the next round.