Tips to do your electrical installation right for the first time

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Tips to do your electrical installation right for the first time
  • By deutschewhiskybrenner

Wie bei jeder Art von Konstruktion ist es entscheidend, dass Ihre elektroinstallation zum ersten Mal richtig ist.There are many things that have to be taken into account in the implementation of an electrical installation, and it is important to have a good understanding of what is involved.Below you will find some tips on how to make sure that you do your work properly for the first time.Remember you are not the only person who has to learn about the electrical installation!When you are ready to read this article, you should have a good understanding of the process.

First of all, you should know that the electrical installations have a variety of components.In addition to cabling and sales outlets, the electrical installation also includes the distribution plate and the measuring device.If you plan to install lighting bodies, you must have separate circuits for you.Each circuit can only have eight current strength.It is also important to take your devices and other energy -hungry devices into account when installing an electrical installation.For example, an electric stove needs its own circuit while a washing machine and a dryer need a separate circuit.

Another important factor for installing the electrical wiring is the wire size.Wire sizes refers to the diameter of the metal conductor and is based on the AWG system (American Wire Gauge).The higher the wires, the more current and current it can carry safely.Make sure you choose the right cable size before installing an electrical system.There are also many tips for wiring electrical systems.Make sure you understand the different sizes and measuring devices of the wire before installing them.

The next step in the introduction of an electrical installation is to check the standards for security and efficiency.Electrical installations must meet the current standards.They must also be coordinated and properly dimensioned.If not, you could take a risk of the distribution network.Finally, electrical installations should be connected to the network in accordance with the regulations in chapters 34 to 43.In addition, the employees of the electrical installation must be experienced, qualified and efficient.A qualified electrician can carry out these tasks more efficiently and safely.

When wiring a house, it is important to know how to identify different wire types and colors.Wire colors are not always obvious.If you identify different types of wires, you can determine which cable is for which electrical circuit.It is important to know which wires are in between for which circuits and the type of insulation in between.The best way to do this is to follow the instructions of the manufacturers.Make sure you use a color -coded electrical outlet.

Cables can also be used to protect against fire.In North America, the button and tube cables were common until the 1930s.These cables include two ladder covered with a lead sheath.The central earth wire is bare.Since these cables were not protected from fire, they were not ideal for interior cabling installations.They require careful workmanship, and lead benches can share over time.If you have doubts, seek the support of a specialist.