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New subway workshop and wash bay in Billstedt -
  • By deutschewhiskybrenner

In November 2020, the new subway workshop including washing facility in Hamburg-Billstedt started regular operation. The new workshop in Billstedt is 135 meters long, 34 meters wide and has four tracks, each 120 meters long. This means that work can be carried out on several trains in parallel - and with the latest technology at the same time on three different levels, starting with the oil change in the working pit and working on the roof of the air conditioning system through to the technical check. The new wash hall is available for daily cleaning. It is also 135 meters long, seven meters wide and has a track.

Neue U-Bahn-Werkstatt und -Waschhalle in Billstedt -

When designing the entire facility, great importance was attached to the sustainable use of resources: For example, rainwater for cleaning the vehicles is collected in a catch basin and recycled after use, and the roof of the workshop has insect-friendly plants.

When planning the lighting concept, Hamburger Hochbahn and the engineering company Meinhardt Fulst GmbH, which was commissioned with the lighting planning, opted for a lighting solution from Norka.