Maintal is becoming a smart city thanks to new WiFi hotspots

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Maintal is becoming a smart city thanks to new WiFi hotspots
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15,000 euros in EU funding

Maintal is becoming a smart city thanks to new WiFi hotspots

Photo: City of Maintal"> Thursday, February 10th, 2022

MAINTAL/GELNHAUSEN - Fast and free access to the Internet, comprehensive and barrier-free use of the city's digital services via smartphone or laptop - this is no longer a problem for the citizens and guests of Maintal thanks to the latest WLAN technology. In Maintal, WLAN is now available in many municipal facilities as well as at heavily frequented outdoor locations. The digital hotspots are wireless Internet access points that were installed by Chilinet Solutions from Gelnhausen.

“Barrier-free Internet access for everyone is simply a must in public spaces today. With the free WLAN hotspots in the city area, we offer a further building block on the way to the Smart City in addition to the fiber optic expansion. This increases the attractiveness and also supports local trade and gastronomy and means more flexibility and additional comfort for the citizens", Maintal's mayor Monika Böttcher is convinced. She sees WLAN hotspots in public spaces as an indispensable addition to making services available online around the clock, seven days a week and facilitating mobile access to digital services.

Maintal wird durch neue WLAN-Hotspots zur Smart City

There are also numerous advantages for the city administration: Since internal processes are designed to be more efficient and less error-prone online, this saves time and resources and increases the service quality of the administration. For the equipment, Maintal used the WiFi4EU funding pot of the European Union, which is available to all cities and municipalities in Europe. The EU funding amounts to 15,000 euros, which will be used to build the infrastructure.

Cooperation with WLAN startup from Gelnhausen

Chilinet Solutions provided the technology and infrastructure on behalf of the city of Maintal. The locations were selected by the city administration. In addition to procuring the hardware and installing it, the Gelnhausen start-up also takes care of checking and maintaining the hotspots. Chilinet Managing Director Stefan Luther sees progress in WiFi coverage in Germany, but still a lot of need for action: “Maintal is an exemplary example of the transformation into a smart city. Nevertheless, Germany is still far behind when it comes to WiFi coverage. However, citizens now expect easy and problem-free access to the Internet in as many places and in public spaces as possible. Municipal WLAN networks will therefore meet with great demand in the future and contribute to the attractiveness of cities, municipalities and communities."

His company is a partner authorized by the European Commission for the construction of WLAN networks in connection with the WiFi4EU funding program and creates nationwide planning and implementation concepts for interested municipalities. In addition to the planning and professional installation of the hotspots, the start-up's scope of services also includes complete maintenance.

Thanks to the cooperation, the "Smart City" Maintal now has almost nationwide WLAN. There were already ten locations through the “WLAN für Hessen” program. By participating in the EU program WIFI4EU, another ten locations have now been added: the Dörnigheim bus station, the area around the children and youth center in Bischofsheim, the area around the children's club and bonus meeting place in Ascher Straße, the Schillerstraße family center, the Käthe-Jonas-Platz, the meeting house in Klingstraße 4, the Maintal town hall, the outside area of ​​the Wachenbuchen community center in the area of ​​the beer garden, and the area in front of the Maintal hall. A tenth location on the banks of the Main will soon be open to the public. (pm)