Dry elbows: This is how brittle skin becomes soft and supple again

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Dry elbows: This is how brittle skin becomes soft and supple again
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Author: Lino Wirag | Category: Cosmetics and Fashion | 10/10/2021

Photo: Shutterstock/Dmytro Flisak

Especially in the cold season, sensitive skin areas quickly become brittle, cracked and dry. Many people then also suffer from dry and rough elbows. We explain how you can restore moisture and suppleness to your stressed skin.

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While many people regularly care for their lips during the cold season and swear by the hand cream and face cream of their choice, one part of the body is often neglected, even though it is exposed to quite a bit of stress: the elbow.

Elbows especially in demand during Corona times

The skin on the outside of our arms is having a particularly difficult time at the moment: During the pandemic, we use our elbows even more often than usual - and not in a negative way. For example, we use our elbows to push open entrance doors or press elevator buttons. Yes, even as a greeting gesture, a friendly 'exchange of blows' with the elbow has now become the norm to avoid shaking hands. The constant friction hardens, but also stresses.

Even those who wash themselves regularly and particularly intensively must expect redness, feelings of tightness or itching in the relevant areas of the skin.

Dry elbows can have many causes

Other causes of rough, chapped, cracked, or dry skin include exposure to unusual cold, heat, or excessive sweating. Other stresses such as illness, poor nutrition, too little sleep or too much stress can also put a strain on the skin. Perhaps you are also sensitive to certain textiles or materials? Fluctuations in the hormonal balance can also affect the complexion.

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Dry elbows: If there is no illness, regular application of lotion helps. (Photo: Shutterstock/Mal2TH)

Dry elbows are favored because our skin at the joint between the lower and upper arm does not have any sebaceous glands. In other parts of the body, these fat donors ensure that the skin is sufficiently supplied with moisture and remains supple. On the other hand, we have to help ourselves with the elbows.

Most importantly, apply cream to your elbows regularly

In order to avoid dry elbows, it is usually enough to take care of the skin on the sensitive areas. We recommend a – preferably sensitive – all-purpose cream that suits your skin type. Gently apply cream to chapped areas regularly and avoid anything that irritates the skin further: rubbing, brushing or rubbing often makes the problem worse.

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The following tips also help against rough elbows – and dry skin in general:

If your skin problems cannot be treated with the tips mentioned or if they take on an unusual degree, you should consult a specialist. A dermatologist can determine if you have neurodermatitis, dermatitis, a rash, psoriasis or other skin disease. Professional help is advisable, especially if the skin becomes inflamed.

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