GNTM winner Lena Gercke: Calculated mom: she relaxes in a hammock

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GNTM winner Lena Gercke: Calculated mom: she relaxes in a hammock
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Wow, this is what satisfaction looks like: without make -up, relax with cap and bikini between two palm trees.Lena Gercke visibly enjoys her girls' vacation in the Maldives.

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Lena Gercke (33) is a moderator, model, designer and mother: The 33-year-old definitely deserves a break in any case.She now treats herself with her "girls" in the Maldives in the Luxury Resort Finolhu.In addition to delicious food, good wine and suns on the beach, she also enjoys time for herself.She simply lets her soul wander in a hammock in a hammock.

Lena Gercke and friend Dustin Schöne are still in love, as on the first day: In the video above you see a sweet snapshot of the happy couple!

GNTM-Gewinnerin Lena Gercke: Gechillte Mama: Sie entspannt in Hängematte

Also without make -up: Lena Gercke shows himself very natural

You can often see the model styled and prepared.Also as a moderator, every strand of hair is perfect and the outfit is always an eye -catcher.But the blonde beauty proves with her latest clip, which she with her fans in her Instagram story again shared that she does not need make-up or stylists to look stunning.In the short video, Lena Gercke lies deeply relaxed in a hammock that hangs between two palm trees.She wears an olive green cap and combines a triangle bikini with green-pink tiger pattern.Satisfied she grins into the camera and shows us your relaxed glow.

Lena Gercke: "Today I only had 3 hours me time, that was soooo good"

That comes because the 33-year-old finally took a break.She writes about the video: "Today I only had 3 hours me time", so time to concentrate on yourself and do what you want.Gercke does not reveal what exactly she did - whether yoga, a walk on the beach or just a long afternoon nap in the comfortable hammock.But she adds: "That was soooo good".We believe that in the satisfied grin directly.She continues: "I needed it and now I'm so happy and grateful".

In the short bikini: Lena Gercke shows her sexy downside

In general, the young mother is doing really well with her friends.Sometimes such a girl is exactly what you need when you are stressed: out of everyday life and off to paradise.Even if the first winner of "Germany's Next Top Model" her partner Dustin Schöne (36) and her daughter Zoe (1) certainly misses her vacation days with her girls.Your followers also let her participate in the Maldives.Of course, the mandatory bikini post should not be missing in the model.A few days ago she heated her fans in the bright green, scarce bikini and presented her hammer body from behind.