Bridal juck guide: The most beautiful accessories for the wedding

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Bridal juck guide: The most beautiful accessories for the wedding
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You have found a perfect wedding dress under thousands in which you can imagine giving your sweetheart the yes?Great!The good news is, so you have already mastered the most difficult step.But with the dream dress, the wedding outfit is far from complete.After all, one or the other ingredient is part of it to make the look really old-compatible.Above all: the bridal jewelry!

But to find the right wedding jewelry between all the extravagant designs and over-the-top jewelry-that's an art in itself.And since future brides already have enough Wedding stress, we have promptly made it our task to put together the most beautiful bridal jewelry and accessories that have all bridal hearts beat faster.From colliers and chains to earrings, bracelets and hair accessories to elegant bridal sets, we have put together a range in which every bride is guaranteed to find what they are looking for.Plus: We'll tell you which bridal jewelry best suits your wedding dress.

Bridal jewelry: necklaces and colliers

What is tradition so beautiful?At their wedding, the bride should wear something old, new, borrowed, blue and a lucky penny in the shoe.What shouldn't be missing in our opinion?The perfect wedding jewelry.

No matter which wedding dress you chose, the right necklace can lift the look directly to the next level.Colliers with diamonds, pearls or crystals are the ideal styling partner for simple clothes with a carmen neckline or deep cleavage.The lavish necklace looks glamorous and fairy tale and complements a subtle wedding dress perfectly.

If you have already chosen an opulent dress à la Cinderella, you should rather keep your fingers from colliers - in combination with lush details on the dress, this bridal jewelry can quickly appear exaggerated.In this case, you prefer to choose a delicate chain with a single trailer or pearls.

You can shop the most beautiful necklaces and colliers for the wedding here:

Which earrings go with the wedding outfit?

Wedding dress?Check!Chain?Check!Next stop: earrings.The most important thing in advance: When searching for the perfect couple, you don't necessarily have to stick to the bridal jewelry categories-is allowed what likes!By the way, bride does not have to plunge into the ruin for the right jewelry.Many high-street brands and online retailers have a large range of glamorous pieces at affordable prices-or simply be inspired by our selection of earrings with wedding feeling that you can get directly in the Grazia Shop.

But which bridal earrings fit best now?Ear rings with pearls are a real wedding classic.No wonder, because the simple pieces of jewelry emit pure elegance.If you have already chosen a wedding look with veils and hair accessories, simple earrings or creoles are the right choice.

Long earrings in turn are the perfect combination partner for wedding outfits with little bling bling and also look pretty at a V-neckline.

Jewelry sets: The easiest choice for brides

Many brides use jewelry sets for the big day because they have a big advantage: the jewelry is all made of the same material, have the same color and the same style and can therefore be matched to the wedding ring.Chain, earrings and bracelet in a set?Easy!

You can find out what you should pay attention to when buying bridal jewelry ...

Bridal jewelry: Which color and materials go with the wedding dress?

Hair accessories: These variants are particularly popular

Another important player at the wedding - in addition to the classic bridal jewelry - is the hair accessories.Purist brides may prefer to use a subtle clip or complement the hairstyle with pearl jewelry in the hair.A bridal veil and diadem is a must for a Cinderella appearance.May we present: The most popular hair accessories for brides ...

1.Bridal veils and diademes

A bridal veil belongs to the classic look for a wedding.The timeless hair accessories are available in countless lengths and variations and are the icing on the cake to the wedding dress.In addition to simple veils without applications, there are also a number of opulently decorated designs with rhinestone crystals, lace or flowers.

The veils are easiest to attach with a hair band or comb.A diadem (with or without veils) is perfect for a royal look.Duchess Kate, Duchess Meghan and Princess Diana have already proven that the opulent bridal jewelry is a real eye -catcher.And honestly?If not at your own wedding, when?

2.Hair tires and hair bands

Hair tires and hair bands look playful and girlish and fit particularly well with short wedding dresses as well as a break in style for jumpsuits and pants suits.But classic wedding dresses also get a casual but glamorous touch through the trend accessories.We especially love satin models in white or champagne colors with pearl or rhinestones.

3.Clasps, brackets and grinding

Another trend, even outside the wedding world, are hair loops and brackets.The sweet details are currently difficult and come in different versions.Our favorite: XL variants with pearls.But even smaller hair jewelry that is less noticeable has a great effect.Half-up hairstyles in particular but also ponytails and long styles look super noble thanks to the details.