A question of shoes

A question of shoes
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From the editorial staff

When you consider how many hours of the day we are on our feet in the truest sense of the word, you always find that somehow you tend to pay less attention to them than they actually deserve. This also applies to us in particular when choosing the right outfit for everyday work. You & APOs; ve probably read a thousand and one counselors about this. Nevertheless, your shoes should be put in the center of attention here again: what is always going on, what is going on sometimes, what can never be done?

Eine Frage der Schuhe

Comfortable shoes for every day, sometimes on for the meeting

Budapester or Chelsea boots fit with a little skill to the dress, pants suit or jeans you always look top styled and you also do something good for your feet. Alternatively, sneakers are also fine as long as they match your outfit in colour. Analogous to the clothes of the male colleagues, you make hardly a mistake with black sneakers from Dsquared, but a really good figure. Ballerinas are also a very good choice in many cases, especially since they can be combined with almost any styling. Here, however, you should always be aware that these actually quite comfortable shoes do not have a significant footbed. They are not suitable for long foot marches. You should rely on Balenciaga speed Trainer for that. Soft as a sock, robust as a military boot, it also carries you to the farthest destination. The combination with the business outfit also needs a touch of touch. But maybe you have some other shoes to change in the office or in the car.

When choosing the shoes: pumps or high heels for the big performanc

Of course, it looks great if you want to go high. You certainly have more than just an outfit in the closet that can be ideally complemented with the beautiful favorite shoes. But you know for yourself that these shoes aren't exactly a favor for your feet. And at some point you come to the point where the good feeling tilts because of your great look. From then on, there & APOs; s only the pain in your feet, so you can & APOs; t focus on your work anymore. Should the pumps or even high heels just wait for you at home in the shoe cabinet? No, you can also wear it in everyday work. The difference is how many hours of the day you are actually on your feet. In other words, do you sit comfortably behind your desk or spend most of the day standing at the booth? In the first case, your feet will hardly grieve you if you allow them to make a big appearance. However, this may not be the best idea with the mentioned case study with the fair. If you are alone in the office most of the time, but have a customer appointment in between and have arranged an appointment with colleagues for the afterwork in the evening, the tip with the changing couple is again valid. Make yourself comfortable in most hours of the day, then you can easily be seen in pumps or high heels at the decisive moments.

Don & APOs; t prefer: stilettos and too high plateau

How high should high heels be to be suitable for everyday work? Stylistic consultants usually call a heel height of eight, less rarely also of ten centimeters as maximum. Maybe there are a few stilettos waiting in your closet, which reach a completely different height. However, they are not suitable for work for two reasons. First of all, you know for yourself how quickly you can bend over with these shoes, especially since you have quite different things in your head during work. Second, you want to look good, but you Don't want to satisfy wild men's fantasies. Plateau shoes are often rather unsuspecting in this respect, but take away your seriousness and prove to be rather obstructive even with many movements. As hard as it may be for you, these shoes are more of a thing for your free time.