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Daikin heat pump: Split design for the first time | enbausa.de
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Thanks to further developments in compactness, design and operating behavior, the Daikin Altherma 3 R is proving to be the ideal heat pump for larger new buildings and renovated old buildings. The new outdoor unit is smaller and fits under a window. The device, which is equipped with one large fan instead of the two smaller fans that are usual in devices of higher performance classes, is 25 percent lower in height than its predecessor models. This unobtrusive heat pump hides its fan behind a black, horizontally extending front grille, allowing it to blend seamlessly into any environment.

Ideal for new buildings and renovated old buildings

With an outlet water temperature of up to 60 °C at an outside temperature of -7 °C, the device can be used flexibly. The operation of the system is guaranteed down to an outside temperature of -25 °C. The heat pump works particularly efficiently in combination with underfloor heating and heat pump convectors, both of which are available as a Daikin total solution.

One solution, many possible combinations

There are three different models of indoor units to choose from for the outdoor units in the Daikin Altherma 3 R series. The indoor units are available in three model versions: heating only, heating and cooling and bizone. The “heating only” versions are integrated as standard. The "Cooling" function can only be implemented with underfloor heating or heat pump convectors.

Daikin heat pump: Split design for the first time | enbausa.de

Model with integrated stainless steel accumulator:

This model is a compact device with a small footprint of 595 x 634 mm. The device has a stainless steel storage tank with a capacity of 180 or 230 liters to cover the domestic hot water requirement. This device is also available in the "heating and cooling" and "bizone" versions. With the "Bizone" version, two independent areas can be set up with different radiators for different room temperatures (e.g. underfloor heating in the living room and radiators in the bedroom on the upper floor). These two zones can also be controlled independently of each other.

Model with integrated non-pressurized ECH2O water heater:

The ECH2O model is equipped with a 300 or 500 liter hot water tank for hygienic drinking water and can be connected to solar panels. This device is also available in the "heating and cooling" version.

Wall-hanging model:

This model is the most compact device. The R-32 refrigerant connection is located at the top of the indoor unit. Due to this and the patented sealed plate heat exchanger, the indoor unit only requires a minimum room size of 0 - 38 m2 depending on the installation. The wall-mounted device is ideal for cascading multiple devices or in combination with an existing storage unit. This device is also available in the "cooling" version.

Intuitive control with the smartphone

With the Daikin App Onecta, the Daikin Altherma 3 R heat pump can also be controlled via the smartphone. The Onecta app now also includes voice control and is therefore even easier to use. The operating times of the system can be programmed with the app and up to six actions can be defined per day. A comprehensive overview of the system's performance and energy consumption is also available via the app.

Source: Daikin / Delia Roscher