Bedburg-Hau: Hautec is acquired by Groupe Atlabtic

Bedburg-Hau: Hautec is acquired by Groupe Atlabtic
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Company takeover in Bedburg-Hau:Hautec sets the course for the future

Bedburg-Hau After takeover by the French group Groupe Atlantic: The location and specialist staff will remain is urgently wanted.

With the takeover of the Hautec Group by the French Groupe Atlantic, the Austrian Austria Email AG is not only expanding its range of heat pumps, it is also securing the continued existence of Hautec, which consists of Hautec GmbH and Wiegersma GmbH group in Bedburg-Hau. As the Austrian market leader, the company is part of the globally active Groupe Atlantic.

Bedburg-Hau: Hautec is acquired by Groupe Atlabtic taken over

"Both companies will remain unchanged," emphasizes Hautec Sales Manager Thomas Niemann. The Bedburg-Hau production site will be responsible for geothermal heat pumps in the new group, including those with the natural and environmentally friendly refrigerant R290. “We will also invest in the location in the areas of production, development, sales and after-sales,” says Niemann. There is currently a need for plumbing and heating journeymen at Wiegersma, says Klaus Bindhammer, Managing Director of Hautec and Wiegersma GmbH. "In the future, we are also thinking about hiring master craftsmen for plumbing, heating and electrical engineering."

"The future orientation of the company lies in the planning, installation and maintenance of heat pump heating systems," explains Niemann. Damien Carroz from the Board of Groupe Atlantic emphasizes strategic reasons for the takeover: "We took over Hautec because of more than 40 years of experience with geothermal heat pumps and more than 30 years of know-how in natural refrigerants." known in professional circles for its quality and project orientation.

The company from the Lower Rhine has been developing heat pump systems since 1978, which are installed throughout Europe, but especially in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. The company fits perfectly into the portfolio of Groupe Atlantic, which is present in more than 60 countries and offers and develops solutions for hot water, warm air, ventilation, air conditioning and heating for single and multi-family houses, for schools, airports, hospitals and other commercial buildings. "The Hautec heat pumps expand our range of solutions for renewable energies," says Martin Hagleitner, CEO of Austria Email AG. Now you can also offer particularly powerful heat pumps for commercial and tourism companies.

In the coming weeks, according to Managing Director Klaus Bindhammer, they will work together on initial sales synergies. "In the long term, the market potential of this merger is very large," is

he convinces. An innovative feature is the energy fence developed by Hautec. For example, it can be set up in the form of a garden fence, absorb solar energy and heat the brine system. Compared to an air-water heat pump, it saves on annual heating costs, works silently and can be planted. At the same time, the energy fence technology is a cost-effective one

Alternative to geothermal probes and air-to-water heat pumps.