Rihanna: With this idea she became a billionaire

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Rihanna: With this idea she became a billionaire
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In 2017 Robyn Fenty, as Rihanna is called with a bourgeois name, founded the brand, the success came almost overnight.Thanks to a crucial unique selling point: Fenty was the first cosmetic company at the time to offer make-up in 40 different skin tones."Every woman should find herself in this brand," said Rihanna back then.Consequently, the models for the brand were also more than usual.In the meantime, Fenty has expanded the color palette to 50 different skin tones.The brand consciously relies on diversity and inclusion and thus hit a nerve.Already in the first year she made over half a million dollar sales and thus trumped other celebrity brands, such as those of the Kardashians.The whole thing had a signal effect, since then numerous cosmetics brands have followed up and expanded their range of skin tones.

Rihanna is a billionaire thanks to Fenty

The "Fenty effect" is therefore also spoken in the industry and it is actually hardly conceivable that consumer: inside four years ago, it still had to fall back on such a limited offer.Especially people with darker skin tones had hardly any selection in the common drugstore chains.It can only be described as a foolish.Since then, the coffers have been ringing with the singer.

Around $ 1.4 billion of your assets come from the income of your make-up sales, you belong half of the brand.The luxury goods company LVMH browses the other half.Rihanna's story is a little reminiscent of Hollywood star Reese Witherspoon's success.This discovered a similar blind spot in her industry in 2016 and founded its own production company: "Hello Sunshine" produces only stories written by women and with women as protagonists.Because women in Hollywood are still underrepresented.As became known this week, Witherspoon was now able to sell the company for $ 900 million - an insane deal that is based on the success of the previously disregarded target group.

No wonder that Rihanna is still expanding her brand according to her ideas.So she also founded the Savage X Fenty underwear label and a luxury model line.The latter did not survive the Corona crisis, but a new business area is already in sight: their brand only announced last week that they will launch a perfume in August.The Fenty fragrance is said to be unisex and thus address a particularly large target group again.The fans probably have to wait longer for new music.Rihanna's last album "Anti" was released in 2016 - and thus before the start of Fenty.

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