Logo earrings: The most popular jewelry trend of the stars

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Logo earrings: The most popular jewelry trend of the stars
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Sounds simple at first, but there are great and above all striking pieces that make every outfit an eye -catcher.Or: become an eye -catcher every outfits.Of course, the brand is important - without it it doesn't work.The following applies: the more noticeable and luxurious, the better.What started in the 1980s with small, interlocked "C" s at Chanel are now earrings made of silver, gold or patterned acetate.Strass stones for decoration are welcome toppings for even more bling-bling.

And who wears it?Actually, almost all stars that do not want to hide their trend awareness: Bella Hadid, 25, also has creoles with the lettering of their name, but also loves tortopic earrings from Gucci with two intertwined "G" s.To do this, she styles a green Neckholer mini dress and wears her hair, except for two braided strands, strictly knotted backwards.It may be a bit more subtle Jennifer Lopez, 52, for whom large hoops belong to the basic equipment of your look.In the coach model, the logo is relatively subtle.The jewelry is available for 125 euros.

Priyanka Chopra, 39, wears a very elegant variant of Fendi in gold.Instead of binding her hair backwards, she prefers to style open.As a result, the large earrings sting up less, but still form a nice constrat of their brown hair.

Logo-Ohrringe: Der beliebteste Schmuck-Trend der Stars

At the Balenciaga fan girl Dua Lipa, 26, of course, statement earrings should not be missing.The two "B" s opposite are decorated with rhinestones and shine with the singer around the bet.In keeping with her dark hair, she wears an all-black outfit and sets a statement with the logo earrings.

What is important when styling

Despite their size, logo earrings can be styled in a variety of ways.The classic look works with strictly combed hair that focuses on the pieces of jewelry itself, preferably.The rest of the outfit can then either remain simple to meet this logic - or the look becomes colorful and diverse, just like the earrings itself.

Open hair also works for the statement popes.A voluminous mane flatters the earrings and ties it elegantly into the look.If the outfit is minimalistic, the logo jewelry alone is usually sufficient to style a sparkling eye-catcher.Large rings and striking chains fit less.

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