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Helmut Lotti: Singer regretting "nothing" |Gala.de
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Helmut Lotti: Very!The stage is my playground and I would like to bring my "Italian Songbook" closer to the audience in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.It is also a program with a lot of ambience!

Are such shows for you a special challenge for you?

Lotti: Not at all.As I said, the stage is my playground and everything always works quite well there!

You have a problem with small talk.What are the topics on the ball?

Lotti: I am interested, history, as well as current topics as the environment, nature, global warming as well as psychological and philosophical topics.And of course music.

Helmut Lotti: Sänger bereut

In an interview, you explained that you have often made the wrong decisions in your private life.Is there anything you regret?What did you learn from your failed marriages?

Lotti: Every disadvantage also has advantages, so no, I don't regret anything.From my marriages I learned that I should be nice and more honest with myself.

With Marieke van Hooff you are very happy.What makes the relationship with her so special?

Lotti: She has humor, intelligence, tolerance and understanding and uses these properties to protect my heart.And I try the same with her.

Are you planning to marry again?

Lotti: No.

Three years ago, they told us in the interview that they are doing sports intensively to get their physical and mental fitness.Is that still the case today?

Lotti: Yes, I have a training plan from a staff coach: cycling, running, rowing, power training and healthy, protein -rich food!

They call themselves "failed cyclists" in their Instagram bio.Why?

Lotti: Because I am that.I wanted to be a racing cyclist, but it wasn't strong and considerate enough.

You like to spend money on beautiful clothing.What do you value?

Lotti: stage clothing should be chic and a bit exclusive.Cufflinks and paint shoes are very suitable for a guy like me.

How much do you look forward to your tour, which will start soon and also leads you to Germany?

Lotti: I am particularly looking forward to my "Italian Songbook" concerts and have already played a few appearances of about an hour and a half with my rhythm group and brass, really great.But I would like to perform with The Golden Symphonic Orchestra soon.From 20.November is finally ready!Then I play twice an hour.The first hour I play the new album and the second hour my hits.

One day before your live show appearance at Florian Silbereisen you celebrate your 52.Birthday, congratulations.What do you want for your new year of life?

Lotti: A successful tour, good health and that my friends and my family are still doing well.


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