GQ Hype - Jacob Elordi: "Life is just too short to do without hamburgers and beer!"

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GQ Hype - Jacob Elordi: "Life is just too short to do without hamburgers and beer!"
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His relationship with the series figure “Nate"" is more differentiated than for most spectators who would prefer to give the frightening, toxic character a lesson (which also happens directly in the first episode of season 2 with hard fists).He had created a kind of “headspace"" for Nate, which he visited again and again to get in the mood for this character, which is so different from himself.

Background and first acting experiences

When the 24-year-old talks about his protected growing up in Australia, it sounds like the most beautiful land idyll: “I connect a childhood memory with the smell of moss and stream water when I have caught the toads in our park.“Jacob Elordi grew up in Brisbane and Melbourne, as a nest crown, he still has three older sisters.“At home I also connect with the smell of scrambled eggs with bacon, which always prepared my mum - a relaxed morning with my family.""

The acting was Jacob Elordi, however, in no way in the cradle, even if he tested his talent on the school stage very early on and dared to act: “It was rather subconscious than a really conscious decision.But I really always wanted to tell stories and share them with others.""

Deshalb wurde ihm bereits auf der High School bewusst, dass er für eine richtig große Karriere amerikanisches Englisch beherrschen musste, um nicht sofort überall als “Aussie"" erkannt zu werden.And honestly, who can teach you better than Rapstar Eminem?Just. Jacob Elordi hörte als Teenie dessen Songs rauf und runter und stellte erst kürzlich bei “Jimmy Kimmel"" unter Beweis, dass er Raptexte immer noch drauf hat.(Also: Super Bowl 2022: This sensational all-star cast was confirmed as a half-time show act)

The way to Hollywood

Der Durchbruch kam dann mit der Teenie-Rom-Com “The Kissing Booth"" und der dunklen Serie “Euphoria"" die teilweise fast zeitgleich gedreht wurden.But two film projects could hardly be more different: plays Jacob Elordi in the Kissing Booth a sweet Heartdrop, who in the end always makes the right and understanding decisions, he embodies a character with so many dark facets in Euphoria that even as a viewer you sometimes feargets in front of him.