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5 things that men don't like in bed
  • By deutschewhiskybrenner

For years there was a rumor that we women think too much during sex - and men don't think too much (or just with the wrong body part). Men in bed also think about it. Maybe not about the tax return, unfavorable light or ugly underwear. But definitely what you like and don't like about sex and your partner. We'll tell you here which things are more of a turn-off for men in bed...

These 5 things men don't like at all in bed


1. Insecurity

Anyone who thought that men are most turned off by unshaven legs, ugly underwear or supposed "blemishes" is wrong. The opposite is the case: if a woman is self-confident, knows what she wants and doesn't let such little things throw her off her spirits, stubbly legs and granny panties are completely unimportant for men, too. These things only become a problem when we women make them a problem. Uncertainty is therefore one of the biggest turnoffs for men.

5 things men don't do in bed like

2. Talking

Too much chatter during sex? Men often find that anything but sexy. Because if it's not exactly dirty talk, but completely mundane things, it makes it seem like you're totally distracted and really don't feel like it at all. This, in turn, makes him feel like you don't really find him attractive. By the way, the same applies in the event that you don't say anything about yourself, but are as quiet as a mouse. Because without a little passionate moan or delighted sigh he just doesn't know if you like it too.


3. Disappear in the bathroom

Men simply don't understand that women always have to disappear into the bathroom beforehand. And they also think it's rather stupid because it ruins the mood. It doesn't really matter whether the hair is perfect or the bikini area is neatly shaved. And even after sex, guys actually just want to lie in bed with the woman in their arms and enjoy the after-sex feeling. Nevertheless: going to the toilet after sex is and remains compulsory. Sorry guys!

4. Acting

While it's often harder for women to reach orgasm - whether it's because their head just won't play along or the position isn't quite perfect - men still don't want fake play. This includes not only faking an orgasm, but also pretending that you like something when you're not. Means: Men want honesty! So forget the acting and just say what's going on. Unless you like role-playing, of course.


5. Perfectionism

It's all well and good that you want to do everything right so that the sex is really great. However, nobody is perfect and strange things happen, especially during sex. But instead of getting hung up on it, men find it much more attractive when you can laugh at embarrassments. Less perfectionism also makes sex a lot more relaxed - and nicer, for both of you!

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