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Rice cooker in the test: Is a more expensive model worth?
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Rice is one of the staple foods, but is more than just a boring side dish.A rice cooker ensures that it tastes particularly good and has the right bite.We tested three models from different price ranges ourselves and wanted to know which device conjures up the best results.


A rice cooker is a practical kitchen appliance in which several rice portions are cooked evenly.As a rule, it consumes significantly less electricity than a stove and is therefore also more energy -efficient.There are now rice cookers from many brands that differ in terms of price and in terms of their functional scope.

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We tested three models from Russel Hobbs, Reishunger and Cuckoo.We wanted to know what the devices can do, how easy the handling is and whether the purchase of a more expensive model is worthwhile.These are our results:

ANZEIGEPreis-Leistungs-Sieger: Reiskocher von ReishungerPreis-Leistungs-Sieger: Reiskocher von Reishunger

Rice cooker in the practical test: All devices at a glance

The first impression

All rice cookers have been securely packed and have arrived accordingly undamaged.We noticed that the accessories of Cuckoo and Reishunger were individually packed in plastic film, which is not very sustainable.The rice cooker from Russel Hobbs offered a more environmentally friendly solution: the accessories were in the rice cooker without additional plastic cover.

The three still packaged test products: rice cooker from Russel Hobbs, Reishunger and Cuckoo (from left to right).(Source: T-Online)

The first thing we noticed for the model of Cuckoo was that the product is the hardest, but does not have a handle.This made it difficult to unpack the product and the transport from A to B.

We particularly liked the handle of Reishunger, which also enables transportation with both hands.This model is also our design winner.Another plus: When unpacking, we were pleasantly surprised that the cable is conveniently removable.

The handle on the Reishunger rice cooker was particularly impressed by us.Unpacking and transporting was made very easier for us.(Source: T-Online)

At the first test without ingredients, we also liked that all three devices can be opened quickly and easily and can be closed safely again.

Our test criteria: This is how we tested

For all three rice cookers, we primarily looked at the handling and checked the taste and consistency of the rice.To make the test as fair as possible, we used the standard program each.The usability and cleaning in everyday life were as important as the cooking results.In addition, aspects such as security and price-performance ratio played a role in our assessment.

To carry out the test, we have the inexpensive basmati rice of the brand yes!chosen.This was thoroughly washed before cooking.When measuring the ingredients, we adhered to the information in the operating instructions and used the supplied measuring cup.

We cleaned all the interior pots as well as the rice spoon and measuring cups with a little washing -up remedies and hot water before testing and would also recommend this to everyone.

Our test results:

Die Ergebnisse des Reiskocher-Tests
Preis-Leistungs-SiegerReishunger Digitaler Reiskocher€ 139,99 bei AmazonCuckoo Reiskocher€ 239,99 bei Media MarktRussell Hobbs Reiskocher€ 44,99 bei Amazon
Gesamtbewertung Ø 9 / 10Gesamtbewertung Ø 8,6 / 10Gesamtbewertung Ø 7,4 / 10
Das gefällt unsDas gefällt unsDas gefällt uns
Das gefällt uns nichtDas gefällt uns nichtDas gefällt uns nicht
Unser Fazit

The rice cooker from Reishunger ensures delicious rice with great consistency.We were enthusiastic about the many different cooking programs and modes that the device has about.Among other things, you can even bake a cake with him.Unfortunately, this model is equipped with an English display.

Unser Fazit

The Cuckoo rice cooker was primarily able to convince with the great cooking result.The still warm rice had the perfect consistency.We also liked the design, many cooking functions and the security mechanisms.The voice control is practical, but unfortunately not in German.

Unser Fazit

The rice cooker of Russel Hobbs Gart Gart Rice with a good consistency.We liked the compact size and the steam cooking function.Unfortunately we were disappointed with the incomprehensible instruction manual.We would also have liked a timer.

Fassungsvermögen1,5 LiterFassungsvermögen1,08 LiterFassungsvermögen1,2 Liter
Leistung860 WattLeistung890 WattLeistung500 Watt
Maße39 x 29 x 24 cmMaße26,7 x 35,6 x 25,7 cmMaße27,2 x 17,6 x 22,2 cm
Aktuelle AngeboteAktuelle AngeboteAktuelle Angebote

The price-performance winner: Reishunger rice cooker

ANZEIGEDigitaler Reiskocher von Reishunger139,99169,9918149,99159,99

Our price-performance winner is the digital rice cooker from Reishunger.The model has a pleasant handle, a easily legible digital display and a premium internal pot with scaling as well as two handles that provide more safety.The scope of delivery includes a cooking insert, a measurement cup, a soup cellar and a rice spoon.In terms of price, the Reishunger Rücher is in the middle of the tested products.

The accessories included in the scope of delivery: Gar insert, measurement cup, soup cellar and rice spoon.(Source: T-Online)

In the kitchen appliance, the rice goes through seven different heat levels so that it is cooked evenly and with a full aroma.The desired consistency should also be achieved in this way.In addition, important nutrients are retained.

You can choose from twelve different modes with seven different travel programs.In our test we chose the standard "Rice" program and after just under half an hour we had a great, fluffy rice.As promised.

But even before the actual cooking process, we were able to distribute plus points: the operating instructions are very clearly designed and understandable, so that we could start the test immediately.

The operating instructions for the rice cooker from Reishunger are particularly clear and all steps are easy to understand.(Source: T-Online)

So wird der Basmatireis gekocht: Auch wenn der Reiskocher dank des modernen Designs sehr futuristisch wirkt, ist es denkbar einfach, damit Reis zu kochen.First, the supplied cup is used to measure the desired rice amount and the liquid.A practical rice water table can be found in the operating instructions.In addition to the two ingredients, we gave some salt for the right taste and only had to close the lid and select the desired mode.Thanks to the brightly illuminating display, the programs listed in the operating instructions can be found quickly.

Which mode can it be?Thanks to the well -lit display, you will quickly find your desired program.(Source: T-Online)

Afterwards, only the "Start" area has to be pressed for about two seconds and it starts.

The timer, which is on the right side, is practical, but we liked the timer with a time of Cuckoo much more because it was a lot more meaningful.Here we could only appreciate how long the rice still needs.

The timer (finishing rate) is practical, but a time would be much more meaningful.(Source: T-Online)

After about half an hour - as stated - the rice was cooked.A short noise provides information about it.Afterwards the warming mode starts directly and the word "warm" appears on the display.

The rice cooker was very quiet during the entire cooking process, so that you don't have to fear any disturbing noises.If you want to cancel the process, you can press "Stop/Cancel" for two seconds.

Unser endgültiges Testergebnis: Der Reis aus dem Gerät von Reishunger hatte eine gute Konsistenz und einen tollen Biss.He was a little less fluffy than expected, but not a bit mushy or dry.With the supplied spoon, the rice was easy to take out of the interior pot.You can easily remove this thanks to the side handles, even though the content is still warm.

The freshly cooked rice from the device from Reishunger.(Source: T-Online)

Reiskocher im Test: Lohnt sich ein teureres Modell?

There is also a positive assessment for cleaning.Only a few rice grains remained on the bottom of the pot and on the edge, but they could be removed quickly and easily with some detergent and warm water.The interior pot is not suitable for the dishwasher.For the outer housing, cleaning is recommended with a soft plaster flap.

Gut zu wissen: Mit dem Küchengerät von Reishunger können Sie mehr als nur Reis kochen: Mit dem mitgelieferten Gareinsatz können zum Beispiel parallel auch Gemüse, Meeresfrüchte und Fisch gedämpft werden.You can also cook delicious soups and rice or oat porridge as well as preparing quinoa or Persian tahdig.Particularly great: the rice cooker even has a special function with which you can bake a whole cake.

The timer function, with which rice or other foods are prepared up to a desired time, is also useful.The timer can be set from 70 minutes to 24 hours in advance.

Our digital rice cooker from Reishunger had an English display.According to the manufacturer, the white model is also available with a German display.

ANZEIGEUnser Gewinner von ReishungerUnser Gewinner von Reishunger

Our taste favorite: the rice cooker from Cuckoo

ANZEIGEReiskocher von Cuckoo239,99244,00259,996245,99259,995259,99

Premium quality from Korea meets a modern design: So you could describe the Cuckoo rice cooker in just a few words.In fact, the kitchen appliance, which ended up in second place in our test, was able to convince with much more than its appearance.Just like our price-performance winner, the model has a display with the most important information.To select the various programs, however, press correct keys here.In addition, the voice control function will help you: the rice cooker speaks to you and informs about the start, the program selection and as soon as the last four minutes start.The volume can be regulated in five stages.Crucial shortcoming: Unfortunately, German cannot be chosen as a language.The same applies to the menu.While the handling is otherwise positive, we have to deduct a point at this point - as with the model of Reishunger.

Unfortunately, the program selection and the voice operation are in English, but the German operating instructions are very clearly designed.(Source: T-Online)

So wird der Basmatireis gekocht: Der Test verlief genauso leicht wie beim Modell von Reishunger.The desired rice amount is measured with the cup and to determine the correct amount of water, you take the inside scaling of the rice pot.Here, too, we added a little salt.

Next, the pot has to go back to the rice cooker before the lid is closed, the program is chosen and finally confirmed with "Pressure Cook".At this point we realized that the voice operation can be of great help: clearly and clearly we were told that we had to insert the interior pot before we can choose the program - we wanted to try it the other way round.The function is also practical if you stand with your back to the device and therefore do not notice that the rice is actually already finished.

The rice cooker menu: You can use the buttons to select the cooking program or start the cleaning function.(Source: T-Online)

We were a little unhappy with the timer function: it is practical, but the numbers only appear when there are still 14 minutes of cooking time.We expected that the timer, as stated in the operating instructions, would be visible immediately after the start.Unfortunately, we were not sure whether the cooking process had already started.

The remaining time of the cooking process can be clearly seen on the LED display.Select the program using the labeled buttons.(Source: T-Online)

After about 30 minutes the rice was cooked in the "Klebreis" mode.The voice operation provides information about it.Afterwards, as with the other two models, the warming mode is directly.During the entire cooking process, the rice cooker was very quiet, just about four minutes before the end of the cooking time you will be informed acoustically that the rice will soon be finished.There is also a "Cancel" button for breaking off the cooking process in this model.

Unser endgültiges Testergebnis: Die patentierte doppelte Gummidichtung des Reiskochers soll laut Hersteller für ein noch besseres Geschmackserlebnis sorgen, weil der innere Topf absolut dicht bleibt und bei Druck automatisch reguliert wird.So the best rice taste should be achieved and the rice should be kept warm and fresh at any time.This could sometimes be the reason why the rice from this device could reach the top position in our test.He had the perfect consistency and the right bite.

The freshly cooked rice from Cuckoo's rice cooker before it was loosened up.(Source: T-Online)

Just like the interior pot of our price-performance winner, Cuckoo's Cuckoo handle also has two side handles that provide more security.According to the manufacturer, the model has a total of fourteen security functions and at no point we had the feeling that someone could hurt or burn.

We also rated the easy cleaning: the rice cooker has a self -cleaning function that you can start with just two clicks.After about 15 minutes we removed the rest of the hot water and were able to look forward to a completely clean pot.Also all the valves, openings and co.are thoroughly cleaned during the process.

Gut zu wissen: Auch der Reiskocher von Cuckoo kann mehr als nur herkömmlichen Reis kochen.For example, you can easily prepare oat and baby porridge and dampen meat, vegetables or dumplings.In addition, the rice cooker is also often used for cooking from different soups.Gaba rice fans can be particularly pleased: there is a special function that prepares the healthy noble ride to the point.

ANZEIGEDas Premium-Modell von CuckooDas Premium-Modell von Cuckoo

Third place in the test: The rice cooker from Russell Hobbs

ANZEIGEReiskocher von Russell Hobbs44,99

The rice cooker from Russel Hobbs is the cheapest in our comparison and has less equipment: for example, it was dispensed with a digital display and a variety of additional programs.

However, the missing display does not flow too much into the assessment, because a simple switch promises better handling for many.Unfortunately, we were very disappointed in this test point: We tried in vain to start the cooking process for a long time, but there were no clear information about the rice chef's on / off switch in the operating instructions.In addition, the switch was slightly hidden behind a rubberized "protective cap".There were point deductions for handling due to the unclear instructions for use.

Unfortunately, the operating instructions were not as understandable as we would have liked it.(Source: T-Online)

The hidden / switch on the back of the rice cooker.(Source: T-Online)

So wird der Basmatireis gekocht: Auch hier haben wir den mitgelieferten Becher zum Abmessen der Zutaten genommen und Reis, Wasser und Salz in den Innentopf gegeben und leicht umgerührt, bevor der Deckel fest verschlossen wurde.There is a switch on the back that has to be killed, and finally the lever is pressed down on the front.The red circle on the left lights up lightly and thus signals that the cooking process begins.

The red light on the left signals the beginning of the cooking process.(Source: T-Online)

Unfortunately, the rice cooker from Russell Hobbs does not have a timer, so that during the cooking process you do not know how long your rice or the vegetables still have to cook in use.However, it is pointed out in two ways to the end of the cooking time: a louder "click" sound as soon as the lever jumps up and the illuminating orange circle on the right side.This also shows that the automatic keeping function has been activated.

The orange light on the right side signals the start of the warming function.(Source: T-Online)

Overall, the rice cooker was very quiet during the entire cooking process, there were no disturbing noises.

Unser endgültiges Testergebnis: Der Reis war fluffig und hat uns gut geschmeckt, dennoch landet er in puncto Konsistenz leider auch hier auf Platz drei in unserem Test.With this kitchen appliance, too, the rice was easy to take out of the interior pot and there were no burned or very dry spots.

The end result: fluffy rice grains without dry or burned areas.(Source: T-Online)

Compared to the other two devices, the Russel Hobbs also cuts the worst in the "Security" test criterion.While the rice cookers of Cuckoo and Reishunger the steam released the valves more specifically and there was a lower risk of injury, steam rose here in between.In addition, the two side handles are missing from the interior pot.This is not only uncomfortable when trying to portion and serve the warm rice, but also ensures an increased risk of combustion.

The not yet loosened rice in the rice cooker: Unfortunately, the interior pot cannot be removed so easily due to the lack of handles.(Source: T-Online)

We also checked how easy to care for the device the device is with the rice cooker from Russell Hobbs.The interior pot is non -stick -coated and, as with the other two test products, only a few rice grains remained on the ground and gluing on the edges.With a little detergent and water, this pot is quickly clean again.Particularly great: the pot and inside cover can simply be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Gut zu wissen: Der Reiskocher von Russel Hobbs verfügt zwar nicht über viele Zusatzfunktionen, dennoch können Sie auch dieses Gerät zum Dämpfen von Lebensmitteln verwenden.It is particularly recommended that the steam cooking of vegetables or fish can be cooked at the same time as the rice and with just one click.You can also cook quinoa or prepare delicious paella or pilau rice instead of conventional rice.In total, you can cook up to six portions in one round.

ANZEIGEDer Preiswerte von Russel HobbsDer Preiswerte von Russel Hobbs

Our conclusion about the rice cooker test

Our practical test shows that with rice cookers it can be worth digging a little deeper into the pocket.It does not have to be the premium model of Cuckoo, because the Reishunger model has also conjured up very good rice.Because the device was able to score in terms of taste and design, but also with the easy handling and the many additional functions, the rice cooker is our deserved price-performance winner.

The Russel Hobbs model ended up in the last place, but we are convinced that this device is also a good and, above all, inexpensive addition to the kitchen equipment.

ANZEIGEPreis-Leistungs-Sieger: Reiskocher von ReishungerPreis-Leistungs-Sieger: Reiskocher von Reishunger

Interesting facts about rice and rice cookers

What are the advantages of a rice cooker?

With a rice cooker you can cook different types of grain and grain in just a few steps.Even with larger quantities, the rice is usually cooked evenly and to the point - without burning and over cooking.

In addition, many rice cookers have additional functions that make everyday life easier: You can cook rice, vegetables and fish or have entire rice dishes with just one click in cheaper devices at the same time.It is also practical that almost all of the rice cookers have a warming function.So you can enjoy fresh, fluffy and warm rice much later.

Do I have to wash the rice before it comes to the rice cooker?

So that you can always enjoy your rice in full quality and with the best taste, you should wash it beforehand.This also applies to rice that you want to cook in the rice cooker.

There could still be contaminants in and between the rice grains that you should rinse.In addition, the excess strength of unwashed rice ensures that it gets an unsavory, sticky consistency.

How do you wash rice correctly?

Wash the rice properly is very easy.There are two recommended methods: For the first method, pour the rice grains into a large bowl and cover them with cold water.Now edit the rice with your hands in circular movements.After a very short time, the water is cloudy due to the excess strength.At this point you have to drain the water and repeat the process until the water is very clear.

For the second method, pour the rice into a fine sieve that you hold under running water for several minutes.Here, too, it is advisable to edit the rice grains with circular movements.As soon as the water is clear, you can start with the cooking process.