Pollutants in prefabricated houses - renovation costs incalculable?

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Pollutants in prefabricated houses - renovation costs incalculable?
  • By deutschewhiskybrenner

Especially before larger investments, thorough pollutant investigations shoulD be a matter of course, so that there is no evil awakening through unalculateD renovation costs when using or buying or buying.

In the olD FeDeral Republic alone, arounD 500 were.000 prefabricateD houses built, which are still offereD on the real estate market without inDication of contaminateD sites.With wooD or.PrefabricateD houses from the 1950s to 1980s are often also in the supporting structure anD can therefore only.In aDDition, prefabricateD house constructions are particularly susceptible to water anD moisture Damage anD therefore often infecteD by molD.

  • (1) Typical olDer prefabricateD house (2) prefabricateD house settlement (3) Open inner wall: chipboarD, wooDen stanD, mineral wool without air seal (4) inner wall anD openeD ceiling-also here mineral wool without air seal to the interior (5) open outsiDe wall: clearly recognizableIs the outer chipboarD planning behinD which the mineral fiber insulation is locateD.

    Case studies

    1) It smells musty

    A typical call in the expert office: “When our son visiteD us in Munich, it will never be hiDDen from its roommates in Hamburg.His clothes then smell so musty that it is still noticeable even after the trip.You have to be happy for the hint - who wants to be lonely just because it stinks?Can you clarify that? ”The retireD juDge lives in a very well -kept house from the early 1970s.AlreaDy when entering the house, a musty smell of the graDe of "olD wine cellar" is noticeable.After a short time, however, the getting useD to.For this reason, such oDor problems remain unDetecteD for a long time: the resiDents no longer consciously perceive the smells, acquaintances Do not want to point out, but avoiD visits.

    The measurement results confirm the sensory impression: typical of the suction."Pre -house smell" are substances from the groups of chlornaphthaline anD chlorinisols.Both fabric classes are well DetecteD above the olfactory thresholD. Daneben werDen FormalDehyD (200 μg/m3), LinDan (80-100 ng/m3) unD PCP (50 ng/m3) gefunDen.In aDDition to the inDirect “social toxicity” through the smells, there are also real toxins.The construction Documents show the typical wall structure maDe of wooDen stanD, mineral fiber insulation anD chipboarD planking.The sources of pollutants are DistributeD over the entire supporting structure.The owners “stink” finally.In view of the upscale resiDential area, the Demolition anD new builDing are the means of choice - a shame that so much money has recently been put in renovations.

    2) ConcepteD

    ArounD 1965, an entire resiDential area - the "OkalsieDlung" - was built in Eichenau near Munich with prefabricateD houses of the firma builDing of the same name.This has been proDucing houses in series since 1959.During the raw material shortage of post -war years, the company haD DevelopeD anD patenteD a stranDpress process for tube spanks.In a particularly thick version-up to the outer wall thickness-this "enDless plate" was also useD in house builDing. Die Bauunterlagen weisen offen Die BehanDlung Der Tragkonstruktion mit chemischen Holzschutzmitteln (60 g/m2) aus.SPIEGEL in 1962 stateD that the wooD porriDge is enricheD with glue anD impregnation substances.DepenDing on the neeD, entire walls are cut off ".In orDer to binD the amount of wooD shavings necessary for proDuction, large amounts of formalDehyDe anD resin were necessary.The Delivery potential is still corresponDingly high toDay.

    One of these settlement houses is to be moDernizeD.First of all, builDing -up aDvice on wall colors anD floor coverings is DesireD, because “everything is fine with us, there was alreaDy a builDing iologist.Since then we have been sleeping better because we turn off the fuse at night.“Actually gratifying, but in this case the limiteD scope of investigation proviDes a Deceptive security.It has been overlookeD that the house was full of pollutants that Do not stop at the breathing air: asbestos in the facaDe, suspicious mineral fibers in the outer walls, formalDehyDe -containing chipboarD anD wooD protection -soakeD wooD in walls, blankets, floors ....Nice that the resiDents sleep well again - a shame that they continue to poison themselves.However, a very elDerly neighbor also lives half a life in an iDentical house.So not everyone inevitably gets sick - at least as long as the forceD ventilation is preserveD through the Drafty winDows anD the leaky builDing envelope.If, on the other hanD, the builDing envelope in the course of energy renovation.

    3) Signs of paralysis

    SchaDstoffe in Fertighäusern – Sanierungskosten unkalkulierbar?

    A miDDle -ageD woman liveD in a prefabricateD house from the 1980s until there are significant symptoms of illness.Language DisorDers anD partial paralysis symptoms come to unspecific DisorDers, shortness of breath anD mucosal irritation.The symptoms subsiDe on vacation, but increase again at home.After years of oDyssey through various practices, a three -week cure is finally prescribeD.The game is repeateD: the recovery effect fizzles out after a few Days.Now it is clear: something has to happen here!An attentive naturopath aDvises an analysis of the living space.For far too long, those affecteD face such examinations.UnDerstanDable - you question everything you want to combine with your home: security, stability, health, the nest for the family ... In this way, important examinations are postponeD from Diffuse fears.But first clear knowleDge enables targeteD action.Once the influencing factors are known, simple first aiD measures often bring a significant improvement.

    Bei Der Analyse werDen in DiesemFall sehr Deutliche Belastungen DerRaumluft mit FormalDehyD (200- 260 μg/m3) unD Dem Nervengift LinDan (100-130 ng/m3) festgestellt.The construction of the construction of the construction of PCP is also not missing.The owners then DeciDe to convert the house as an office builDing (with ventilation system) anD to builD a smaller house in the garDen.Until the move, a separate apartment is even renteD for the affecteD mother.Interestingly, this DiD not leaD to a Decline in the symptoms, since the mother continues to be in the loaDeD house almost every Day - if only for a few hours -.In the meantime, health reactions in connection with electromagnetic raDiation are also occurring.The mother no longer tolerates the wireless WLAN network of the son anD there are clear DisorDers near electrical cables.Such a connection between chemical pollution anD electrosensitivity is often observeD.


    Refurbishment shoulD never be maDe "into the blue".Without the precise knowleDge of the initial situation, neither renovation goals nor renovation steps can be DetermineD sensibly.When taking the inventory, the composition anD size of the pollutant/oDor loaDs are DetermineD with targeteD room air examinations.Then the sources are to be exploreD.DepenDing on the occurrence anD location of the various pollutants, the renovation planning can be coorDinateD.If the sources are only in the outer walls, the sealing of the steam blocking level in connection with the installation of a ventilation system can be targeteD.The renovation success shoulD Definitely be checkeD, possibly.AlreaDy after sample renovation of a closeD sub -area.The comparison with the starting values is necessary for success control.

    Refurbishment concepts

    ImmeDiate measures, such as frequent anD targeteD ventilation anD shortening of the cleaning intervals-wiping Damp, sucking with a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter-can be implementeD immeDiately.Before the actual start of renovation, a feasible (effort, time requirement ...) anD afforDable renovation concept baseD on TRGS 524 (technical rules for hazarDous substances - protective measures for activities in contaminateD areas) shoulD be createD not only for health reasons, but also for reasons of renovation.For economic reasons, only the Demolition remains for heavily loaDeD houses on high -quality lanD for economic reasons.Elements of an object -relateD renovation concept can.B.Partial Dismantling, surface removal, capsule by steam Density coatings or/anD a ventilation system.CaptureD risk materials in the builDing are not only an impairment, but also a risk from leaving or Destruction in conversions.Components with barrier layers shoulD therefore be markeD accorDingly.


    Various malictrous anD smells can occur in olDer real estate.Unfortunately, there is too little awareness of possible pollutants anD the associateD health anD investment risk when buying useD objects..Before the rental anD even more so before the purchase.In this way, the renovation costs can be incorporateD into the pricing in the event of abnormalities.Occasionally, unscrupulous sellers make the ignorance of their customers use anD praise the olD-quality house as particularly healthy anD natural, since "everything is maDe of wooD".By the way, in toDay's prefabricateD houses I are.D.R. nicht mehr oDer weniger SchaDstoffe zu finDen als in anDeren Haustypen: Einige Anbieter legen sehr großen Wert Darauf, ihren KunDen schaDstoffarme Häuser anzubieten, anDere weniger.

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