Haus-KompassThese are the best suppliers of prefabricated and solid houses

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Haus-KompassThese are the best suppliers of prefabricated and solid houses
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As in the previous year, Schwörer Haus took the top spot in this year's "Capital Haus-Kompass", closely followed by the providers Baufritz, Weber Haus and Fingerhut Haus. These four companies scored between 89.4 and 90.8 points. Of the 24 manufacturers of prefabricated and solid houses examined, eight (6/2019 issue) received the top rating of five stars. In cooperation with renowned partners such as KPMG Law, Sentinel Haus Institut, Tetralog Systems and TÜV Rheinland, the four categories Information & Service, Contract & law, healthy living and quality & control tested.

The prefabricated house suppliers Luxhaus, Regnauer and Huf Haus as well as Rensch-Haus also received five stars. Roth Massivhaus achieved the best result among the solid house manufacturers, followed by Zaunmüller, Town&Country and Baumeister-Haus Cooperation. A total of twelve manufacturers received four stars, four companies three stars.

In the Information & Service” the consulting firm Tetralog Systems checked, among other things, how meaningful the website is and how informative the brochures are. Two thirds of the providers offer the option of configuring a dream home online, but the navigation and information architecture of websites often still needs improvement. In the “Contract and Law” category, the law firm KPMG Law examined how consistently the manufacturers implemented the new construction law that was amended in 2018 and how well customers are informed about their rights.

House CompassThese are the best providers of Prefabricated and solid houses

In the "Healthy Living" category, the Sentinel Haus Institut (SHI) and TÜV Rheinland determined how companies use low-emission building materials, contractually fix limit values ​​and have their houses certified. Internal and external controls and documentation also played an important role here. The “Build Quality & Control” considered whether and how suppliers control building materials, structural work and interior work and whether the airtightness of the house is measured. More than half of the companies achieved the maximum number of points here.

Prefabricated house manufacturers who are members of a quality association such as the Federal Association of German Prefabricated Buildings (BDF) are subject to strict quality requirements. All solid house builders in the test can be appraised by independent inspectors such as TÜV or Dekra.

Here you will find the complete table of the house compass as a PDF for download

Here we explain the methodology of the house compass