Fiasko in the octagon: How the club reacted to the last home debacle

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Fiasko in the octagon: How the club reacted to the last home debacle
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Nuremberg- with the humiliating 0: 5 swatter against second division blast in Ingolstadt, the 1 has.FC Nürnberg once again its talent for disastrous performances.They are not uncommon, as a foray through the recent past shows.A small, very incomplete selection of the most memorable home debacle, combined with the anxious question of which reaction the team followed.But be careful: the answer could sometimes disturb you.

6.10.2013, Bundesliga, 8th.Matchday: 1.FCN - Hamburger SV 0: 5 (0: 1)

A quarter of an hour was able to keep up with the still winless table of the table with the fifth in the table (!), Then Rafael van der Vaart set the course.After the break, all the dams broke, within eight minutes Pierre-Michel Lasogga gave the desolate club with a turbo hate trick of ridiculousness and drove the fans onto the barricades: "The FCN, that's just us!".

And then?The hapless coaching duo Michael Wiesinger and Armin Reutershahn cost the job, U21 coach Roger Prince jumped in and after an international break, the hapless trainer duo Michael Wiesinger and Armin Reutershahn took a 1-1 at Eintracht Frankfurt.After a memorable but less successful intermezzo of the Dutch Gertjan Verbeek, Prince was also allowed to manage the descent in the end.

1. FC NürnbergDauer: 01:13:18th

Episode 126: The birth of a new fool

Weitere PodcastfolgenDauer: 01:13:18thEpisode 126: The birth of a new fool

11.5.2019, Bundesliga, 33.Matchday: 1.FCN - Borussia Mönchengladbach 0: 4 (0: 0)

The 50,000 spectators, who had come to the last Max Morlock Stadium, which had last completed so far, should have guessed that there would be a farewell performance.Ex-Nürnberger Josip Drmic dampened the last hopes, in the end a 0: 4 sealed the relegation of the climber.Tears flowed, guest coach Dieter Hecking donated consolation: "Hopefully it will go up again as soon as possible."He can now take care of himself.

And then?At the end of the season, the eleven of coach Boris Schommer refused to say goodbye to at least raised heads from the Bundesliga.The embarrassing 1: 5 in Freiburg would again be predestined for a small story of the worst swapping gaps.

5.8th.2019, 2.League, 2.Matchday: 1.FCN - Hamburger SV 0: 4 (0: 2)

The second division started in the Max Morlock Stadium as the Bundesliga ended: with a 0: 4.The sobering home start against HSV gave an idea that it could be a complicated season again under Damir Canadi.

And then?Lost a strangely lifeless club in Sandhausen with 2: 3.And the next crisis took its course.

1. FC NürnbergAnalyse und Noten

Crash landing against the FCI: This is how the expert saw the FCN professionals

10.11.2019, 2.League, 13.Matchday: 1.FCN - Arminia Bielefeld 1: 5 (0: 3)

In the game one to Canadi, club icon Marek Mintal should get the club back on course.It became a fiasco.Mintal had been persuaded by the team to a very offensive orientation, promptly ran into ruin against ripped off East Westphalia: after a quarter of an hour it was 0: 3.Asger Sörensen's connection goal was only remained with the cosmetics of results."We broke something today," complained a contested Mintal.And returned ashamed to the U21.

And then?Celebrated the new chief coach Jens Keller on his 49.Birthday with an unspectacular 0-0 in Fürth an at least solid debut.It shouldn't be much better afterwards either.

21.6.2020, 2.League, 33.Matchday: 1.FCN - VfB Stuttgart 0: 6 (0: 3)

After a 6-0 win in Wiesbaden, the club seemed to set the course towards relegation.Just a week later, Keller's team, point lead and goal difference made it promptly powdered again with an out -up appearance against the designated promoted climber Stuttgart.It was the highest home bankruptcy of the club history after 198th4 (also 0: 6 against VfB).Quite a good thing that no fans were allowed to go to the stadium at the time.

And then? The club near Holstein Kiel did not get beyond a 1: 1, also slipped to 16th place thanks to a Karlsruhe victory in Fürth and had to go to the relegation against a certain FC Ingolstadt.The rest is history.

1. FC NürnbergDer Club schmiert unter Flutlicht ab

Desolate and in free fall: The pictures for the FCN fiasco against Ingolstadt

24.1.2021, 2.League, 17.Matchday: 1.FCN - Hannover 96 2: 5 (1: 2)

The home bankruptcy marked the preliminary negative highlight of a dark January.In the thick snow flower, the Lower Saxony gave the club a lesson in terms of efficiency.Manuel Schäffler's goal for 1-2 had raised hopes that were brutally destroyed after the break."It is sometimes naive as we play," said coach Robert Klauss, but saw no reason to worry about the club now.

And then?Unfortunately it was not over, at the start of the second half of the season against Jahn Regensburg, Klauss' eleven followed another 0-1 home bankruptcy and also lost 0: 2 in Sandhausen.At the latest now in Nuremberg you were already worried about the club.


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