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Energy -efficient home |Business
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The German climate goals also affect homeowners.In this way, old buildings have to be better insulated and exchanged heaters over 30 years old.Readers asked questions about this.Experts explained how the apartment or house are best heated

Which heating system is ecological?

From an ecological point of view the cleanest work gas condensing boiler.Pellet boilers emit the most fine dust, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides.Heat pumps do not emit any pollutants, but they need electricity that is generated in the power plant under environmental pollution.The best way to do wooden fireplers in the environmental balance sheet because they only emit the CO2 that they have previously deprived of the atmosphere.Micro-ceremonial power plants replace electricity-loaded electricity via electricity feed-in and thereby even receive an environmental credit.

Our old oil heating is almost 30 years old.We want to exchange them and are interested in a gas condensing thrown in combination with solar thermal energy.What does this cost?

A gas heating heating without hot water tank is available for around 4000 euros.If necessary, there is also a water memory.The operating costs of gas heating are low, since the devices are often low -maintenance.For hot water preparation, depending on the type of collector, i.e. flat collectors or tube collectors, can be expected again with total costs of around 4000 to 9000 euros.Cover an energy consultant that shows the best options.

Can we save heating costs with solar thermal energy?

The savings depend heavily on how old the house is, how well it is insulated, how your personal heating behavior and how high the water consumption is.Based on a solar thermal system with heating support for a four-person family house, an annual cost savings of around 600 euros can be expected.

How much does heating modernization cost average?

The costs for heating modernization depend very much on the local conditions and the associated installation effort.Find out more with your installer and on the basis of his offer at your building society or house bank, the financing should exceed your budget.

Our heating is still working.Do I need a new one at all?

80 to 90 percent of energy consumption in German households are eliminated on the areas of space heating and hot water.The difference between a 25-year-old boiler and, for example, new natural gas heating can make up to 40 percent of the energy costs.If the boiler is older than 30 years, it usually has to be replaced anyway.

What funding is there?

The Federal Office for Economics and Export Control (BAFA) offers the so -called abrack premium for oil heating of up to 45 percent, which, however, should be calculated by a specialist and relates to the use of renewable energies.In addition, the BAFA offers grants between 20 and 40 percent for hybrid heaters.KfW-Bank has low-interest loans or grants for energy-efficient renovation.Craftsman bills are also tax deductible.BAFA and KfW grants, except for the supplementary loan KfW program 167, cannot be combined.

And how can I get funding?

You need already finished planning.Especially if own funds are still missing, it supports your house bank or building society and submits the planning documents with the funding application for you.

Where can I find a neutral energy consultant?

For example through the German Energy Agency, KfW or Consumer Center.If the renovation measures are more comprehensive, a construction companion is advisable.This is also promoted by the KfW.

The experts

Frank Preussner has been working for a leading private German building society for over ten years.He is an expert in the financing of real estate and its modernization.

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Markus Hohmann is a self-employed engineer and has been listed as an independent BAFA consultant since 2009 and in the energy efficiency list for funding programs in the federal government.He has been supporting the state energy agency Hessen since 2012.

Georg Bitterberg is a civil engineer and independent energy consultant, registered in the energy efficiency list for funding programs of the federal government.Among other things, he advises on existing buildings and new buildings.He works for the Hessen Consumer Center.

Our house needs a new heater.However, we hesitate.What do you recommend?

The exchange of an old, inefficient heating for a modern system is usually worthwhile.When installing and connecting the system, pay attention to the careful planning and a clean construction work to avoid that the system is over- or sub-dimensioned.It is best to include an energy consultant who recommends the system that suits you.

Are there any grants for the construction companion by an energy consultant?

Yes, there is a binding entitlement to a building grant from the KfW in the event of a funding commitment.Builders receive 50 percent (a maximum of 2000 euros) of the costs for specialist planning and construction support by an independent expert.Grants for on-site advice are also available from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA).Owners of single or two-family houses can apply for a grant of 60 percent of the eligible consulting costs, a maximum of 800 euros.

Is the funding from KfW or BAFA enough for the energetic renovation of our house?

You must assume that, especially in the case of extensive construction measures.The more equity you bring, the better.

We would like to rely on renewable energies.Would a heat pump be suitable for us and what does it cost?

Heat pumps for buildings with a heating power requirement below ten kilowatts are particularly suitable.This requires, for example, new buildings that arise according to the requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV).An air heat pump costs around 12,000 euros, a geothermal heat pump up to 25,000 euros.Heat pumps are subsidized by the BAFA up to 35 percent by the state.

Pellet heating was recommended to us.But our house is still unused.Does a pellet heating make sense?

Not necessarily.Let your heating need be determined.Based on this, you can decide with a specialist which energy source is suitable.You may heat cheaper with gas or with a heat pump.

Our heating is quite old.Are we obliged to renovate according to the Energy Saving Ordinance?

Heating that is older than 30 years must be exchanged since the change of the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) in 2014.Condensing boiler and low -temperature boiler with a particularly high efficiency are not affected.House owners who have lived in houses with 30 -year -old heaters since at least February 2002 are also excluded from the obligation to exchange them.

There is a 25 -year -old oil heater in my parents' house.You want to convert to gas.What is to be considered?

The connection and installation of the gas connection usually cause high costs, especially if new gas pipes have to be laid.In addition, there is the costs for the expansion and disposal of the old oil tank.The installation of modern condensing technology makes a corresponding exhaust system necessary in the chimney, which should prevent water damage in the masonry.If your parents' house is not connected to the regional natural gas network and they are shouting in front of the high connection and installation costs, can be used as an alternative liquid gas.However, a tank is necessary for this.

Why is hydraulic comparison recommended?

In the case of hydraulic comparison, the entire system is optimally coordinated from the boiler to the valves.This saves up to 110 euros in heating costs every year.

What does the label say in the energy certificate and what does the specification of the KWH number mean?

The label says whether the building is efficient or not.The label F, as in your case, indicates that it has already been insulated.This is not bad for an older building before 1977.It would not be so good for a building after 1995.This is comparable to the labels on refrigerators.Achieving very energy -saving buildings A+.