Corona and sport: The virus for runners is so dangerous: inside

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Corona and sport: The virus for runners is so dangerous: inside
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Podcast Corona and Sport: The virus for runners is so dangerous

Die Omikron-Variante verbreitet sich gerade immer stärker. Deswegen fragen sich auch immer mehr Läuferinnen und Läufer, welche Folgen eine Corona-Infektion für sie hat und wie sie sich am besten schützen. Wir haben auf die Empfehlungen aus der Wissenschaft geschaut.

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Corona und Sport: So gefährlich ist das Virus für Läufer:innen

Vaccination is never a 100 percent protection against infection.That was like that before Corona.Therefore, it shouldn't really surprise that the disease is currently fully vaccinated with the disease.However, the vast majority of the vaccination protection or even a booster vaccination are protected from a difficult course.That's great!

Podcast in the morning or in the evening?How to find the best time to run

But still the uncertainty among runners is great.Many ask themselves the question: What do I have to consider when I infectate with Covid-19?Do I have to interrupt the training - even if only my test was positive and I have no symptoms?The answer is very clear: yes.Even an infection in silence is a burden on the body - the heart and lungs are particularly at risk.Sporty training can lead to serious damage.In the worst case, heart muscle inflammation develops, which unfortunately often runs unnoticed without major complaints.But especially in the case of physical stress such as when running, sudden death can lead.

Corona and sport: The heart can do damage without symptoms

So what to do?In the new episode of the podcast, we have "it runs.He runs "spoken.This episode is about tests, training breaks, masks and rainy times.We give many practical tips and talk about what recommendations there are in the event of an infection from medicine.Listen in.