The secret about the cleavage: Why do men actually like breasts?

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The secret about the cleavage: Why do men actually like breasts?
  • By deutschewhiskybrenner

Most women have a more or less complicated relationship with their breasts. Sure, we love our breasts as an expression of our femininity, but at the same time they also have to put up with some criticism. Too small, too big, not tight enough, not plump enough, and gravity doesn't make it any better either.

It's a good thing that the male world isn't quite so critical. On the contrary: men are downright fascinated by female breasts. Sometimes they look at our cleavage rather than at our faces. And it's not uncommon for them to be so enraptured that they fall down your cleavage on the street. But what exactly is the reason men are so into boobs?

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Back to mom's chest

There are a number of assumptions and theories about this. Larry Young, professor of neurobehavioural research at Emory University in Atlanta, and Brian R. Alexander, science journalist, claim to have found a very logical explanation for the fact that men love breasts. As so often, it goes back to childhood, namely the time when we were breastfed by our mother.

The secret of the cleavage: why do men stand up actually so into breasts?

The reason for so much sexual excitement is neurological, according to Young and Alexander. Breastfeeding stimulates a woman's nipples, which stimulates the release of oxytocin in the brain. This hormone is also called the love drug and ensures the intimate mother-child bond. The flow of milk gets going, the mother is completely focused on her baby.

​In the same way, the breast can also be stimulated by other touches, thus triggering the release of the love hormone, according to the researchers. The man wants the woman's undivided attention and the feeling of intimacy and closeness, he wants to develop a close bond. A close bond, so to speak, like that between mother and child. So so.

Problem with this theory: Men are not equally conditioned to women's breasts in every culture. So there must be other factors at play.

Men love curves

But there is a similarly adventurous answer to the question: Why do men like breasts? They simply love feminine curves per se. There is also an evolutionary biological theory of male preference for breasts. It states that men gravitate towards female forms so much because they are a sign of fertility. A woman with large breasts thus signals that she is healthy, well nourished and capable of childbearing.

​Moreover, many men equate large breasts with sensuality and femininity. So they appear more sexually attractive to men. Some people also think that women with large breasts have more fun in bed. As a woman with rather small breasts, you can only shake your head.​

You can see that the question of why men like breasts is something that even scientists keep asking themselves. And ultimately she has no really groundbreaking explanation that alone could convince. Let's agree that it's good that men love breasts. And understandable. Because they're just pretty well designed by Mother Nature. Let's ask ourselves why everyone is talking about women's penis envy when it would be much more logical to talk about men's breast envy.

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