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Fashion: New brands on the market: luxury that is affordable
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What luck!Germany is still the land of mediocrity in fashion, namely the upscale.For a long time it seemed as if the development could not be stopped: fashion either cheap from the discounter or very expensive from the designer, nothing in between would survive in between.Ten years ago, the trend researchers agreed that at some point it would amount to it.Now it looks different again, you just have to take a walk around the Hackescher market.

There are the shops of the new brands in the new center, which are currently doubleing their sales year after year.Your fashion is still affordable: blouses cost around 150 euros, trousers around 200 euros, coats from 500 euros.

Gerade hat das französische Label Ba&sh in der Neuen Schönhauser Straße seinen ersten Laden in Deutschland eröffnet, nebenan verkauft The Kopples, schräg gegenüber Sandro.Silk dresses with lace and embroidery, jackets à la Chanel in bright red and military jackets with fringed edges are exhibited in the shop windows, and you can already see where all three brands come from: from France.The unstable mix of careless and stylish can also be found in the Lookbook by Sandro.Lace skirt over jeans, a long wool sweater and the hair hang half in the face.

Jean-Philippe Hecquet, CEO of Sandro, claims that something like this could only be created in Paris: "It is very important that we have our studio in Paris, the cosmopolitan city of fashion!" (Here the interview for reading).

The Textilwirtschaft specialist magazine recently gave this new fashion segment the name "Contemporary" or "Affordable Luxury" and has written several title stories about it in recent months.In one, Simone Heift, Head of Purchasing of the KaDeWe, the sales with brands like Sandro went through the ceiling.

One can understand the enthusiasm for the new luxury.Finally, you don't have to talk about early reductions, sale, the bankruptcy of large, unable to move such as Steilmann and the pressure that internet trade exerts, but can report fashion that tries to stand out.

Mode: Neue Marken auf dem Markt : Luxus, der bezahlbar ist

Sandro founder Evelyne Chétrite designs fashion that she has been wearing for 32 years

It is particularly certain that the brands are mostly smaller companies, often in the hands of designers or families.They focus on the collection, do not show off marketing and advertising, do not organize large fashion shows, react quickly, pay attention to quality and try to keep the style of your brand recognizable.

Hardly anyone thinks of it anymore of specified target groups.Sandro founder Evelyne Chétrite designs fashion that she has been wearing for 32 years, her son Ilan is responsible for the men's collection.Even if the fashion is supposed to look young, Sandro can be worn at 20 as well as at 70.

Deutschland ist ein wichtiger Markt für Labels wie Paul&Joe, Valentine Gauthier und Sessun aus Frankreich, Patrizia Pepe und Mauro Grifoni aus Italien und Ganni und Stine Goya aus Skandinavien, um nur ein paar zu nennen.

German companies also try to get some of the cake.But here it is often brands like Marc O’Polo or Opus who try to establish themselves with new lines in this segment and to find their own design language.As the name Marc O’Polo Pure says, the designs are simple, but noble and more expensive than the rest of the range.The label name "Someday", which the Westphalian company has come up with, is also more casual, as is fashion in rich but never excited colors. Auch aus Berlin kommt mit Ivy & Oak ein Label, das in diesem Segment mitspielt (siehe Artikel).

The Internet also has its share in the success of the new brands in a much more general sense

Jean-Philippe Hecquet tells of the radiation of his fashion almost euphorically.It looks as if he discovered the stone of the wise men with his work for Sandro.He also only has good to report on working with the large German department stores.In its case, you can easily read that the expansion works.In the past three years, the SMCP group, to which Sandro belongs, has more than doubled its turnover, it was 675 million euros in 2015, of which about half came from Sandro.Hecquet still sees a lot of potential in Germany, so the German online shop started in early May.

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The Internet also has its share in the success of the new brands in a much more general sense.The many thousands of pictures of real people in ever wilder combinations have an impact on the buying behavior of many women. Und Marken wie Sandro, Ba&sh und Zadig & Voltaire haben genau die passenden Kleider. Sie funktionieren gut als Einzelstücke, wie die bestickte Bluse von Ba&sh und die rockige Lederjacke von Sandro, und lassen sich mühelos kombinieren – und das weit über eine Saison hinaus.