How often do I have to clean windows?Is there a rule?

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How often do I have to clean windows?Is there a rule?
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VonPaula Gürtleram 02.09.2021 | 15:15

Once a year or rather every three months - how often should you clean your windows?We have the answer for you and tell you what you should make dependent on.

How often do the windows have to be cleaned?

So much in advance: there is no correct answer to the question.It is also at your personal discretion whether you are sufficient once a year or you prefer to tackle the work more often.Your landlord can not prescribe anything to you either.So once a year can be completely sufficient, professionals recommend twice a year.This can also contribute to the maintenance of the windows and frames.There are a few factors that can otherwise help you with the decision.We'll tell you:

Of course, cleaning windows is not the only task during the spring plaster.In this picture series we give you tips on how it will be very easy:

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When is the best way to clean the windows?

Not every weather is suitable for cleaning the windows.In extreme cold and in the rain it makes little sense.So it is best to use the time between spring and autumn.For example, cleaning the window can connect to the annual spring cleaning without stress.It shouldn't be too warm, temperatures between five and 25 degrees Celsius are optimal.You should also choose a day that it is cloudy.In direct sunlight and to warm temperatures, the windows can dry too quickly and there are unsightly streaks faster.Then it only depends on you and your well -being how often you want a clear view.By the way, did you know that you shouldn't clean mirrors with a glass cleaner?We'll show you how your mirrors still get streak -free.

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